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The Rowan County Clerk's Office is located at 600 West Main Street, Rowan County Judicial Center, Morehead, KY 40351. As an office of the tiered Kentucky Court of Justice, this system is divided into four: Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Circuit Court, and District Court.
Elwood Caudill Jr. is the Rowan County Clerk, and his primary duty is to provide clerical responsibilities. Most of the office's tasks revolve around the fiscal court's administrative tasks. However, the clerk's office is responsible for the following;

  • Voter registration
  • Cleansing voter registers
  • Administering elections
  • Collecting back taxes.

County Licensing 

The clerk's office is famous for its services to the county residents regarding verifying documents on behalf of the county courts and the Kentucky Justice Courts. The office is responsible for providing the various licenses and verifying them. This includes;

  • Marriage licenses
  • Boat licenses
  • Cars and trucks licenses
  • Hunting and fishing licenses

County Public Records

Although the Rowan County Clerk's Office is not the legal custodian of all county public records, it provides access to some of them. For instance, you can only view the county records available for free at the clerk's office for free without paying for the service fees. However, you will be required to pay for any copies you make.
According to the Kentucky Open Records Act, citizens should access public records anytime. Public records available at the Rowan County Clerk's Office include all county records and data that passes through the Rowan County Courthouses. These include the following:

  • Court files, except for juvenile and sealed records
  • Warrants, including search, arrest, or bench warrants
  • Vital records, including marriage and divorce records

The Legal Records Department handles legal records that are submitted as public records. The majority of the courthouse's records date from 1795. However, you must provide case or location numbers to access these records from the county circuit court clerk's office.

County Document Notarization

The County Clerk's Office also offers document notarization services. All county records are legally kept at the County Clerk's office. Deeds, condos, corporate records, fixtures and other UCC filings, land records fees, land use restrictions, liens, mortgages, plats, releases, and wills are some of the documents that fall under this category.
The clerk also deputizes the Rowan District Attorney in issuing the warrants.

Contact Info

You can get in contact with the Rowan County Clerk's Office by;
Physical Location: 600 West Main Street, Suite 102, Morehead, KY 40351
Phone: (606) 784-5212
Fax: (606) 784-2923
Email: [email protected]
Visit www.rowan.countyclerk.us for more information.

Rowan County Sheriff's Office

The Rowan County Sheriff's Office is located at 600 West Main Street, Morehead, Kentucky, 40351. As Rowan County's primary law enforcement agency, it ensures that the county residents are safe from both natural and artificial threats. The office operates under Sheriff Matt Sparks.  
The office ensures so through the various divisions by patrolling the county public roads, controlling traffic, and responding to 911 calls and other disturbances. Other responsibilities include;

  • Judicial services include providing security to the jail and executing court orders such as warrants and notices.
  • Maintaining and caring for the inmates in the county detention facility.
  • Providing various public services such as issuance of licenses and background checks.
  • Conduct investigations on criminal and drug cases.
  • Register new and incoming sex offenders, update the registry and provide access to the registry to the public.
  • Provide access to criminal, arrests, and jail records per the KY FOIA.
  • Provide schools and county buildings with security.

Contact Information

Contact the Rowan County Sheriff's Office by phone at 606-784-5446 or fax at 606-784-1323. You can also visit the office at 600 West Main Street, Morehead, Kentucky 40351.
You can also send an email directly to the sheriff at [email protected]

Rowan County Jail, KY

The Rowan County Jail is a minimum-medium correctional facility located at 1075 S. Tolliver Rd. Morehead, KY 40351. The jail operates under jailer Wes Coldiron, who the Rowan County Sheriff's Office recruits.
It serves as the county's arrestees, and inmates terminuses as all individuals arrested are transported to this facility. This jail primarily incarcerates adult offenders charged with various state, federal and county laws violations.  
Most inmates in the facility are pretrial inmates awaiting their court verdict. These inmates are brought to this correctional facility as they couldn't pay or were denied bail by the court. On the other hand, some are sentenced to serve time in the facility. Inmates are non-violent offenders charged with a sentencing period of a maximum of one year.

Inmate Search

When an inmate is arrested in Rowan County, you must first check with the Rowan County Jail. You can access their inmate roster available with the sheriff's office online. However, since the roster is updated in intervals rather regularly, the names of your inmate may lack. As such, you can search by phone or visit the jail.

Contact Information

You can reach the jail by;
Phone: (606) 784-8457
Fax: (606) 784-2161
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://rowanky.goejail.com/inmateslist


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