ROWAN COUNTY Ballot Positions for the November 6, 2018 General Election

Non-Partisan City Races

Mayor – City of Morehead

  1. Jim Tom Trent
  2. Laura White-Brown

City Council Member – City of Morehead

  1. Michael “Coach” Kash
  2. Melisa McBrayer Patrick
  3. Thomas Carew
  4. David Perkins
  5. Paul W. Hitchcock
  6. Glen Teager
  7. Beth Ousley

City Council Member – City of Lakeview Heights

  1. Jim Fluty
  2. Timothy Miller
  3. Patrick Sam Mason
  4. Robert G. Camuel

Supervisor – Soil and Water Conservation Rowan County (will not appear on ballot due to only 3 filings)

  1. Willie Pennington
  2. Yvonne Thompson
  3. Sam Hughes

All partisan races for county, state or federal offices will appear as statute sets out:  What ever party holds the office of the President shall appear in the number 1 position.